Camel Excursions Morocco is a tour company owned and operated by a nomadic family dedicated to
sharing the exotic beauty of Morocco with our guests. Our tours are designed by highly trained
professionals who, as native Berbers, are intimately familiar with the customs, culture and landscape of
this diverse and mysterious country.

A journey to Morocco is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can be offered to any traveler to Morocco. Morocco has been attracting tourists for centuries. Morocco is renowned for its enthralling Imperial Cities, beautiful Sahara Desert, Berber communities, waterfalls, old Kasbahs, and charming seaside cities.

Why Camel Excursions ?

Camel Excursions is a company run by a nomadic family, who has a passion for sharing the exotic beauty of Morocco with You.
Our tours are planned by qualified professional Berber native guides. Our tour guides are well-versed in the culture, customs, and geography of the country.

At Camel Excursions Morocco

Your aims and tastes will impact the itinerary you choose for your Morocco tour. Almost everyone who travels to Morocco aspires to explore the desert. We provide tours ranging in length from 2 to +14 days, with various beginning points. You can also tailor your itinerary to meet your specific requirements. We look forward to hearing your suggestions. Send us a message and let’s start organizing your trip.


Any meeting point

Our private tours can start at any meeting point, contact us and we will pick-you-up to start your journey.

Booking Flexibility

Has your date shifted? Don't worry, we are accommodating; you can book a new date or receive a refund.

Expert Guides

Our team of guides and drivers are all multilingual and have a deep knowledge about the country, come see it with their eyes!

Comfortable transportation

Our vehicles are all comfortable and they are all with fuel and AC included to ensure your comfort for all the trip.

Photography locations

We offer a range of Morocco tours to different destinations. Are you obsessed with Photography? Join us and we will take you to breathtaking spots.

Camping in deserts

As the desert is the highlight of every Morocco tour; we offer camping and many other activities for you to enjoy your authentic trip.

Morocco Desert Tours & Camel Tours

Why Morocco?

Morocco is one of the world’s most diverse and exotic travel destinations!

Old imperial city with a lot of history.

Beautiful beaches spanning vast stretches of coastline.

Various mountain ranges. Simple access to the Sahara.

Arabs, Berbers, and other cultural influences.

Delicious meal to suit a wide range of tastes.

Souks provide excellent shopping opportunities.

Tours from Casablanca

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Tours from Tangier

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Tours from Marrakech

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Tours from Fes

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Camel ride in Morocco

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