5 day desert tour from Fes to Merzouga

5 Day desert tour from Fes to Merzouga

Tour Overview

5 day desert tour from Fes to Merzouga is one of the best sahara tours. Here, you experience a camel trekking trip. Also, you explore the Middle Atlas Mountains, passing by Ifrane, Cedar Forest, and Ziz Valley. Then, discover the High Atlas Mountains, passing by Todra Gorges, Rose Valley, and the Atlas Studios. After that, you visit the oldest Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou and end in Marrakech.

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ITINERARY: 5 day desert tour from fes to Merzouga

Day 1: Arrive in Fes
On this first day for 5 day desert tour from Fes to Merzouga. We meet you at the airport, and we will pick you up to check into a Riad in the old Medina. You will be welcomed with mint tea then you can rest. You will explore the old Medina the following day.
Day 2: Fes City Tour
We offer a day tour around the old Medina of Fes on our second day of the 5 day desert tour from Fes to Merzouga. You will discover historical attractions with our local guide. Thus, you will start with the Quranic schools of Bouanania and the Attarine. They were constructed during the 14th century by the Marinids. Also, our guide will lead you to the oldest University in the world. It was an ancient Islamic educational center for learning religious courses. Besides, you explore a traditional artwork of wood and ceramic in Najjarine and Seffarine. Later, you walk to the famous Blue Gate and Chaoura Ternary. After you explore all the important tourist attractions in the heart of the Medina, you visit the Marinid tomb up the hill. Finally, you spend another night at the same accommodation.
Day 3: Fes – Ifrane – Ziz Valley – Merzouga desert
on the third day of the 5 day desert tour from Fes to Merzouga, we drive along the Middle Atlas Mountains. Hence, we will pass through the Swiss town of Ifrane to Cedar Forest. It is a great chance to take pictures with wild apes and feed them in this forest. Then, we have a local lunch in Midelt and keep our way to Ziz Valley for shooting panoramic landscapes. In Erfoud, you visit the dates fruits market and we drive to Merzouga. In the desert, you ride camels to the heart of the desert of a night under the stars. You will have a delicious dinner and enjoy music beside the campfire.
Day 4: Desert – Todra Gorges – Dades Valley
Starting your day with a magical sunrise view is the best experience. Then we start our journey to Dades Valley after a hot shower and breakfast. Firstly, we stop in Risssani town. It is the original town for the Family of the Alaouite dynasty where they were brought up. We will then stop at Fossil museum in Erfoud and Berber cloth cooperative in Touroug. In Tinghir town (Todra Gorges), you will visit its narrow canyon aside from high rocks for hiking and relaxing. This oasis also attracts climbers and families for picnics. Thereafter, we visit Monkey’s Fingers site or the Rock Formation and spend a night in Dades Valley.
Day 5: Dades Valley – Rose Valley – Ouarzazate – Marrakech
The last day of our 5 day desert tour from Fes to Merzouga will end up with different discoveries. That is to say, you will have an insight into different attractions and landscapes. Firstly, we stop in Rose Valley. Every April and May, the valley gets full of local women who pick roses. They take the entire outcome to local factories to make rose products. This will be an opportunity to explore rose cooperative. After that, we shift to an ideal point for movies in Ouarzazate. There, we will visit Atlas Studios and visit the Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah. The kasbah is among the UNESCO Site and it was built during the 18th century by El Glaoui. This area is a strategic site for movies, such as the previous ones: Jesus of Nazareth in 1977, Time Bandits in 1981 and Marco Polo in 1982, and others. Finally, you experience driving via the Tizi-N-Tichka mountain pass and then reach the imperial city of Marrakech. We will drop you off at your Riad or airport. End of our 5 day desert tour from Fes to Merzouga.

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REVIEWS: 5 day desert tour from Fes to Merzouga

Morocco has part of my heart!

“WOW. I had no idea I’d fall in love with Morocco so easily, and want to thank Ismail for making this a trip I’ll never forget. We originally were going to do a quick 2-day excursion, but Ismail created a 5-days itinerary with a pick-up and drop-off at the airport that we couldn’t resist. He went out of his way to come to Casablanca to pick us up in order to make the travel easier for us.

We saw the most incredible sunset on our way to Marrakech. Ismail saw my friends and I awing over the sunset, so he stopped to allow us to take pictures and enjoy the moment. Once in Marrakech, we went to an incredible Riad where we had our first taste of Moroccan food. Delicious!

Early the next morning we got to see the sights of Marrakech before leaving for the Atlas Mountains. Unbelievable mountains. Every picture we took looked fake. Along the way to our next destination, we saw the famous Kasbah ait Ben Haddou. After a long day of exploring we stayed in a Riad with the most beautiful pool where we drank Moroccan wine and enjoyed the luxury of a Las Vegas poolside in the Desert.”


Camel Excursion completed my memories in Morocco

“Morocco was a wonderful experience for us with Camel Excursions, all the riad that was included were nice and pretty, the food they provide us was good too.

Since me and my friend are both girls, we feel really insecure to come to Morocco ourselves, but our guide Mohammed is a really nice person, he makes us feels really safe in Morocco.

The experience of Sahara was a highlight in our trip, the stars were so pretty and our camp is nice and comfy. Love this trip and will come back to Morocco with Camel excursions again!”


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Places to visit during the 5 day desert tour from Fes to Merzouga

Fes old Medina

Ancient Fes El Bali is enclosed by walls and features a medina with winding lanes that are car-free, as well as ornate gateways such as Bab Guissa and the Blue Gate. The tall R’cif Mosque overlooks a bustling market square, and the expansive Karaouiyne University, which dates back to the 9th century, features vividly painted ceramic tiling. In the souk, you can find sellers who specialize in selling fragrances, spices, lamps, and leather, and your options for dining vary from inexpensive street kebabs to upscale restaurants serving gourmet cuisine.

Ziz valley & gorges

A set of gorges known as the Ziz Gorges can be found in Morocco along the upper section of the Ziz River.  At the southern and northernmost points, there are two gates that serve as a demarcation. The dam and lake of Hassan Addakil can be found at the southernmost tip. The French colonial troops who lived in the area during the 1930s constructed the Tunnel de Légionnaire in order to make a path through to the Ziz Gorge. It is located nearby. The Ziz River carved this canyon in the Atlas Mountains as it flowed through the region.


Merzouga is a tiny village in the southeast region of Morocco. It is located approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Moroccan-Algerian border, 35 kilometers (22 miles) southeast of Rissani, and 55 kilometers (34 miles) from Erfoud.
The town is well-known for its vicinity to Erg Chebbi and is frequently visited by visitors as a result of this proximity. It has been called “a theme park in the desert,” while the Erg Chebbi has been referred to as “a wonderland of sand.” The natural subterranean water source at Merzouga is the largest of its kind in all of Morocco.
Merzouga is said to have been a tropical jungle in the past, but it was turned into a desert by God as a punishment for the local families who refused to offer food to a needy woman. These families are said to have been buried in the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. According to the legend, Merzouga is now a desert.
In the past, Merzouga was devoid of inhabitants; nevertheless, it has since developed into a commercial hub for travelers en route to Timbuktu. Later on, it evolved into a place of pilgrimage for the nomadic Ait Atta tribes (also known as Berbers or Amazigh), and later on, it became a popular tourist destination.
Merzouga is home to a number of historic and historically significant fortified settlements. After the Taflalet wars, which took place between 1916 and 1932, fortifications were constructed by troops of the French Foreign Legion during the time that France was under colonial control of the area.

Dades valley & gorges

Before the Dadès Gorges were formed, the region that is today known as the Dadès Gorges was covered by water for millions of years. Large amounts of silt were deposited everywhere over enormous coral reefs, and as time passed, this material was compressed into a wide range of sedimentary rocks, such as sandstone and limestone. The movement of the earth’s crust eventually forced the area to rise above the sea, which resulted in the formation of the Atlas Mountains and the landscape that surrounds them.

Quite early on in this upheaval, the route of the Dadès River was established, and the constant flow of water began the process of eroding away the porous sedimentary rock that covered the highlands. Because of the dryness of the environment in this area, the Dadès river has a flow that is not very strong for the bulk of the year. The rainy season, on the other hand, can cause massive amounts of water to be pushed into the river all at once, which can result in raging torrents that have a significant amount of erosive strength. These torrents carry vast amounts of debris all the way from the start of the river all the way down to the end of the river’s source, and each piece scratches away at the softer rock in the gorge walls, eventually extending and deepening the gorge with each subsequent flood season.