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The itinerary you choose for your Morocco Tours will be influenced by your goals and preferences. Almost everyone who travels to Morocco aspires to explore the desert. We provide tours ranging in length from 2 to 14 days, with various beginning points. You can also tailor your itinerary to meet your specific requirements. We look forward to hearing your suggestions. Send us a message and let's start organizing your trip. Depending on your destination in Morocco. We've selected the most popular cities from which you can choose. Check below! Our Morocco tours are available all over the year. We are very flexible about the date, starting point, and accommodation categories.

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Our vehicles are all comfortable and they are all with fuel and AC included to ensure your comfort for all the trip.

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Our team of guides and drivers are all multilingual and have a deep knowledge about the country, come see it with their eyes!

Camping in deserts

As the desert is the highlight of every Morocco tour; we offer camping and many other activities for you to enjoy your authentic trip.

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Our group and private tours can start at any meeting point, contact us and we will pick-you-up to start your journey.

Food tours around Morocco

We can offer food tours in big cities and over Morocco, discover Moroccan cuisine with experts.

Photography locations

We offer a range of Morocco tours to different destinations. You are obssessed with Photography? Join us and we will take you to breathtaking spots.

Our Morocco Tours Testimonials

Life Changing

Riding camels in the Sahara Desert was definitely the highlight of my tour through the amazing Moroccan land. We arrived to Merzouga and quickly embraced the experience we were about to fulfill. Dromedary camels were lined up for each of us, and the visual of orange/golden dunes served as the background. Berbers dressed in their traditional attire welcomed us and guided us through a 1.5hrs ride through the dessert until we arrived to Milkyway Desert Camp. They were so helpful and dromedaries were gentle and friendly. The experience was one of the best of my life. We rode during sunset, the colors and reflections on the sand were amazing, and we stopped to take photos with the camels and landscape before the sun disappeared behind the dunes. If you are visiting Morocco, this is a MUST!


This is an absolutely amazing co pany to use when travelling through Morocco.
Everything is very well organised and the communication with Ishmael from the start was top standard.
It was incredibly relaxing to travel through the country on our private tour. Our guide Yousef was lovely and seemed to know everyone in Morocco! (No joke)
The camels/sahara and the milkway campsite were a highlight. How absolutely beautiful. We also had fun attempting to play the drums and sharing riddles with our Berber friends at the campsite.
We stayed at Dar Blue hotel on our second night and it was absolutely stunning. What a beautiful building. Also the food there was delicious!
Would definitely recommend this trip to anyone wanting an easy yet amazing trip through Morocco.
P.S. Yousef and our camel-guide Younes were both amazing photographers. Thanks guys for the fantastic memories. 🙂 <3
Can't wait to go back, inshallah. 😉


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