To do a reservation bear in mind that we need a small deposit in order to assure the reservation. The entire balance will be paid when you meet us. Make sure to do the reservations as soon as possible to assure the availability of the selected accommodation and our service, also it is recommended especially if you are visiting in the high period (Christmas and Holy Week).


If the cancellation registers 5 days before the date of the trip you will get your deposit back, . In less than 3 days, the cancellation supposes 100 % of the deposit.


Due to its geography and high, Atlantic and Mediterranean coast, low mountain, steppe and desert, in Morocco they are big climates variety.In general the climate is warm except in December, January and February that there are the coldest months of the year. During August, in the desert weather is hot .

What to take

It is advisable to take elements of solar protection like : sunglasses, solar, labial protective cream. If you use special mark of soap or paper tissues it’s better to bring them with you.

In our services we are provided with a first-aid kit but it’s better to take with you some basic medicines like ibuprofen, aspirins, laxatives, stomach protectors and protective cream anti mosquitoes.

Finally, we advise them to take clothes and comfortable footwear, jacket sheltered to fight the cold of the night (you don’t need them if you travel during summertime.

The vaccines

It is not obligatory to be vaccinated if you travel to Morocco. Nevertheless, the advisable vaccines are those of the fever typhoid, hepatitis (In general it’s recommended in any destination if you go to remain in rural areas).

The reality is that the dry and sunny climate of Morocco has been traditionally a factor that has made it famous like place to go to recover from illnesses. For example : The Sand-Bath in the Erg Chebbi Dunes are very well-known for the numerous therapeutic properties…

For more information about health and vaccines we advise you to visit the web of the Ministry of Health of your country.

Passport and Visas

The citizens of Spain, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and Chinese do not need the visa to travel to Morocco. Only a passport with 3 months of validity.

The citizens of other countries will have to communicate with the most nearby Embassy of Morocco and find out if they need a visa to enter Morocco. Next we leave to them the information about the embassies and consulates of Morocco in the world.


Moroccan money

The national currency is the DIRHAM split into 100 cents. The Central Bank fixes every day the quotation of the dirham with regard to the main foreign currencies. If you want to pay the tour with Moroccan MAD we use xe.com for the exchange.

Communication: Internet and telephone

You won’t have any problems of telephone communication in Morocco , For the internet there are numerous cybercafes in the cities and villages and mostly they offer services until high hours of the night. The prices are approximately from 4 to 7 dirhams per hour. The speeds are acceptable but it can be a little slow in rural areas.

Most of accommodations with which we work have Wifi connection.

Phone: The international telephone code of Morocco is +212 or 00212.


Morocco uses the time zone of Greenwich.

The schedule of Greenwich in summertime is GMT+1.


We adapt ourselves to the requirements of our clients, if you are vegetarian there will be no problem in offering you vegetarian meal, In Morocco there is big variety of vegetables and of very good quality.

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