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Date palm tree Morocco

Morocco Date Palm Tree

Date Palm in Morocco Morocco’s total number of date palm tree is estimated to be 4.8 million, covering an area of 48,000 ha. Date palm tree production is very low, with an average yield of 18 kg per tree, enough … Read More

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Desert Fox Morocco - Fennec

Desert Fox Morocco – Fennec – The adorable desert fox

The desert fox Morocco or the Fennec animal (or Vulpes zerda) lives in North Africa’s Sahara desert, from Morocco to Egypt, as well as the Arabian desert (Saudi Arabia, United Arabic Emirates , Yemen…) It is one of the cutest … Read More

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Morocco's amazing souks

Morocco’s Amazing Souks

Souks or Market in Morocco Morocco’s amazing Souks and markets are an important part of Moroccan life and one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. Each town has its own souk quarter; large cities such as Fes and Marrakech … Read More

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Ouzoud Waterfalls in Morocco, Yes Morocco it’s not only desert. Morocco, though best known for its rolling sand dunes and Sahara desert vistas, also has some spectacular sights that one would not expect to see in a North African country. … Read More

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travel experiences in Morocco

Some travel experiences in Morocco

Morocco has so many wonderful vacation experiences, sights, and sounds, with numerous options to make some travel experiences in Morocco which can make your trip even more unique. Many visitors come for the long sandy beaches, towering mountains, and atmospheric … Read More

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sahara desert

Sahara Desert

This is the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert in North Africa is the world’s largest and most extensive hot desert. The term for “desert” in Arabic is ar. After Antarctica and the Arctic, it is the world’s third largest desert. … Read More

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Travel to Morocco from USA 2022

10 Reasons to Travel to Morocco from USA in 2022 Are you thinking about traveling to Morocco from USA in 2022? If so, you’re not alone. Morocco is one of the most interesting and welcoming countries in Africa, full of … Read More

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Things Morocco is known for

Top Things Morocco is famous for Top things Morocco is known for : Some people travel to have fun, while others travel to explore. If, without a doubt, you fall into the latter category, then it’s time to add Morocco … Read More

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Morocco Argan Tree

Morocco goats climbing Argan tree

Green gold, the gold of the Berbers … Morocco Argan Tree, Morocco goats climbing tree : We knew yellow gold, blue gold, black gold… There is also green gold, a very precious product which the region of southwestern Morocco has … Read More

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What to drink with Moroccan food

What to drink with Moroccan food : Moroccan beverages & food Below we are going to talk about What to drink with Moroccan food while you are visiting Morocco. Food and beverages Moroccan dinners typically begin with a thick, nourishing … Read More

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