Moroccan Drinks

Moroccan drinks

Moroccan Drinks

Moroccan Drinks and beverages

Moroccan drinks: Moroccans are rehydrated by two popular drinks, freshly squeezed orange juice and mint tea, the national drink, at all hours of the day and night. Both are available in cafes and snak restaurants across the country and provide a fantastic pick-me-up for the sweltering traveler.

Moroccan men are particularly fond of coffee, another relic of the French colonization. No self-respecting Moroccan cafe would serve instant coffee, and coffee enthusiasts may find fresh cappuccino, espresso, or coffee with milk almost anyplace and at any time.

Water – Many Western visitors to Morocco, particularly those from colder climates, suffer from dehydration. This does not have to happen because cheap bottled water is widely available. Sidi Ali and Ciel are the greatest still-water brands, whereas Oulmes is the most widely accessible sparkling water. Although most Moroccan tap water is drinkable, it is safer to stick to bottled water.

Beer, wine, and liquor — Morocco is far from a dry country, yet drinking in public is still frowned upon and considered exceedingly impolite if done near a mosque. Aside from a few select venues, mostly in Marrakech, Moroccan bars, known as brasseries, are all-male, smokey drinking dens that are only for the severely thirsty and are unappealing to females. Most premium restaurants, on the other hand, will have a liquor license and should be able to serve beer, if not wine and spirits as well. Many tourist hotels will have a bar attached to them, albeit some of them are also frequented by chain-smoking businesspeople and prostitutes.

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