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Camel Tours Morocco – Camel Trekking Morocco

Camel Tours Morocco

The best way to experience the adventure  and the Sahara desert is sleeping in the dunes of Erg Chebbi. The caravan, led by an expert guide in the evening. carry you out of the hotel. You will travel between the dunes for one hour while the sun sets.

There comes a valley between the dunes, chosen because its isolation allows the absolute solitude of the group. At the bottom of the valley are the Haima. ,”the berber tents” to be our accommodation and finish the trip, the guide will make a mint tea.The dinner is simple but tasty, an ideal example of local cuisine which we will eat around the fire. Then, at night, you can enjoy the overwhelming experience of silence and the starry night sky above you. it will be an unforgettable impression.

The next day we rise before the sunrise, take a mint tea and come back the same way to the hotel where we will have toilets and showers. After breakfast we can relax and enjoy the dunes.

This excursion is suitable for all ages. It is recommended to bring appropriate clothing for the season and time of day because in the desert it is cold at night. Also bring plenty of water and drink it regularly.

It is the most comprehensive trip of all : you can enjoy a ride on camels, watch the sunset and the dawn, the Milky Way in its splendor and the desert in all its purity.

The price is: 70€ per person. private night in a luxury camp

Tour Included:

  • Room in our hotel to leave your luggage and shower.
  • Camel ride and night in desert tents.
  • Camel each.
  • Dinner & Breakfast.
  • Parking for your car if you have.
  • Sandboarding in the dunes

Camel Tours Morocco : 2 night in Merzouga desert:

Merzouga 2 night excursions 

The two nights Merzouga camel trek / trip starts similar to the one night camel Trek. Also the evening after relax few minutes in desert. And before the sunset time,the camels will be packed with foods, blankets and everything else. Which we will need for this two night camel trek, you will ride camels into the sahara desert sand dunes Erg Chebbi. ( Camel ride per person) at your arrival to the camp ( desert tents nomad). This will be a great opportunity to take lovely pictures of the sunset and then try sandboarding in the sand dunes.
After seeing the sunset from the dunes you will have your dinner. We will spend the night in an equipped camp with drums music in the middle of the sahara desert erg chebbi.

The second day after you see the sunrise and breakfast. You will continue riding camels into the Sahara Desert. (Black desert) visit with local nomads family and there you will have your lunch with (Berber Pizza). After relax and lunch with the nomad people. we will ride the camels to the camp, when we reach the camp. We leave the camels and we will take the sand broads and we walk to the high dunes. We will visit a oasis into the dunes & we walk back to the camp after the sunset. The next day in morning we will ride the camel backing to Merzouga after the sunrise, you’ll have breakfest and shower in our hotel in Merzouga.

The price is: 175€ per person Camel Trekking Morocco, including two night in luxury camp

Camel Tours Include:

  • Room in our hotel to leave your luggage and shower.
  • Parking for your car if you have.
  • Camel ride for two nights in desert tents.
  • Camel each.
  • Dinners & Breakfast’s.
  • Lunch
  • Sandboarding in the dunes


How we will meet in Merzouga ?

After our contact, it will be easy. We can meet at our hotel or whenever you want. After the booking we will be in contact.

If you come by bus from Marrakech or Fes. We will meet you in Merzouga bus station and and then pick up you there.


From Fes. There are daily bus from Fes to Merzouga. leave Fes. at 20:00 “Night time” and arrive to Merzouga. at 05:00 in the morning. the Bus called “SUPRATOURS” and cost 18€

From Marrakech: There are a daily day bus leave Marrakech at 08:00 in the morning and arrive to Merzouga at 20:00 “Night time” the bus called (SUPRATOURS) and cost 25€.

We look forward to welcome you to the desert

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Camel Trekking Morocco. Camel Trekking Morocco

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